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Madhu Sameer is a therapist, and a creative non fiction writer, currently residing in Whangaroa, New Zealand

I am a therapist, with a Depth Psychology Orientation, in Whangaroa, New Zealand. I work with entrenched, difficult to treat issues related to psychosis, dissociative identity, eating disorders. If everyone has given up on you, or if you feel you are facing blocks that impede your growth and evolution – like a writer’s block – and you feel there seems to be no solution, I would like to work with you.

Therapy isn’t only for the disabled, and disordered, a good and knowledgeable therapist can help activate your Kundalini, and take you on a path to self realisation – a confrontation with the self, as Carl Gustav Jung would put it. I am a Jungian, and I work with dreams, art, literature and your hobbies to help you explore your unconscious – where the real you is hidden.

Due to other engagements, I take only a selective set of clients, only those who have already struggled with various treatments and have found no respite and are willing to commit to a long term treatm


I am a therapist in Whangaroa, New Zealand. I provide therapy and counseling for individuals, couples, marriages, families and groups. I have worked with some of the most difficult cases in mental health field, cases that had been given up on by established and seasoned psychologists. Over time, and with dedicated work put forth by both of us, we have seen happy resolution pursuant to breaking thru the impasse.

I am irresistibly drawn to Depth Psychology. Depth psychology is a field that honors and integrates Psychoanalysis, Jungian Psychology, Object Relations Approach and Self Psychology. All these fields of psychology hold creativity to be a life force that initiated, and now sustains the universe. As such, creative endeavors – dreams, music, art, play, literature, mythology and writing – are viewed as modes of engaging and expressing the traumatised unconscious where the problems originate from. These art forms find a natural place in therapeutic processes and in expression of our instinctual strivings as a species.


This distress experienced by the psyche is expressed by the soul in the form of various psychological and biological disorders. In this way, psychological and biological disorders may be viewed as the psyche’s attempt to communicate its discomfort to the conscious mind when the inner potential is obstructed, limited or blocked.

I believe there are no shortcuts to wisdom, and only the heat from the furnace of life enables purification of the inner gold. Suffering is a constant in life. It is given to us so we can develop an experientially informed perspective on the nature of life, and our role in the the creative phenomenon. The goal of therapy is to extract the essence of life – wisdom – from such suffering. The solution to our suffering, and the building blocks of consequentional growth, all lie within our psyche.

In some cases prescription medication may impede therapeutic progress by suppressing symptoms like anxiety, depression, even ADHD. Symptoms carry messages from the unconscious, messages that need to be understood in context of the underlying problems that cause these symptoms. Often the symptoms themselves provide a glimpse to the solutions to our sufferings. Suppression of these symptoms through the use of medication often – not always but often – leads to losing access to the richest materials emerging from the unconscious – material that may carry an insight into the cause and the solution of the suffering. If the symptoms are merely suppressed, psychological issues may remain dormant and/or accumulate silently, causing increased psychological as well as physiological/medical distress later on.

That is not to say medication is not sometimes necessary. However, we live in trigger happy times, and medication is usually not a solution to every ailment. There are healthier ways that lead towards balance.

My Background

I am a qualified Counselor with relevant qualifications to practice counseling in New Zealand. At various times in my life I’ve had life experiences that involved complete ecstasy as well as deep, debilitating trauma, and have been successful in transcending and growing from both kinds of experiences. In the last 50 years I have lived in India, Middle East, Australia and US, and am here in Whangaroa, New Zealand now. I am deeply connected with various religions and cultures. These deep, experiential understandings create an appreciation of life issues and diversity and they help me understand people in a much deeper and meaningful way.

I don’t profess to “fix” people. What I offer is a rewarding experience that will make you understand who you truly are. It sounds a bit corny, but honestly, most of us trudge thru life without knowing ourselves. That is what the journey of life is about. It is a quest to understand ourselves. And the sooner you do, more holistic and together you will be.

True therapy involves a lot of hard work that may make you feel uncomfortable. I am not associated with any insurance company because insurance companies would like you to heal in 3 months. If it took you 20 – 50 years to get where you are, no treatment of 3 – 4 months will “cure” you despite what various professionals may tell you. I don’t want to waste your money, or my time, even trying. But if you are ready to do some serious work on yourself – and the process of getting to know yourself is serious – I would love to work with you.

Other Engagements

I am engaged in creative work, as usual. Five books that strive to be published. Click on the titles for details.


I am currently writing a pentalogy of memoirs covering the happy, and not so happy parts of childhood and adulthood. The third memoir, titled The California Files, relates to the struggle to secure access to my property of over $10m. Inspired by Chanel Miller’s Know My Name, this part of the pentalogy narrates the bribery and corruption inherent in the Judicial Systems of California and New Zealand. Watch out for The California Files to hit the bookstores sometime in mid to late 2023.

Vipassana Meditation : What They Said

I’m a workaholic. My work defines me, and expresses who I am. And I love my work. So, in addition to the trilogy, there is a book on Vipassana Meditation on the anvil. It traces my experiences, and the experiences of ten more long term meditators, over a period of 10-20 years.

Sita: A Story of Individuation

And if that was not enough, I’m also working on an biography of Sita. Yes, Goddess Sita’s life, viewed from a feminist perspective. Viewed as she would have viewed her life, as she would have liked to present the story, instead of all the bullshit we are given about her by the patriarchate society . And you’ll see how history has mistreated her, and tried to suppress her voice. In the book, we see Ramayana thru Sita’s eyes, where she emerges as the real hero of the war, and goes on to complete herself during her exile, individuating, and shunning her dependence on any men.

This big project requires a lot of exacting research as it is sure to churn the male dominated narrative. Male chauvinists will struggle to silence her voice, and mine.

Several chapters on, there are several chapters to go. Sometime closer to publication date, I will add other pages to disclose the names, and cover pages, and maybe other blogs pages, to share dedicated excerpts from these writings.

For details, see http://www.madhusameer.wordpress.com/portfolio


You can contact me at +64277097701

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