Starting a public blog…

……appears such a monumental task to me.  Its almost like marriage, a commitment to myself, to my readers, to the community, to the world at large. A commitment for quality, to leave the world a “better” place for the words that I distribute here.

And I wondered why I took upon such a heroic task on myself. I mean, to leave the world a better place requires a lot of heroic effort – right?

Perhaps thats what age does to you! The smithy of life extracts the mellow gold out of you, the alchemical opus that turns you from a taker into a giver. Someone who sponsors, who cares, who nurtures. It is a natural developmental process. Encountering numerous deaths in my family in the last few months, I was shocked into a realisation that that the shade under which I rested my noice and developing wings exists no more, and that I need to become that shade for the ones that come after me. And such realization holds for the personal,  family – social – realm as well as the academic realm. The intellect that was used to acquire, must now be freed for deduction, and to create conclusions, a fitting summary for my life experiences. This insight is perhaps archetypal, and drives all, all, all creative endeavors. 

Writing, as all cretive endeavors, has the same roots as procreation, it is a striving to leave something behind, a seed that will hopefully remain when the mortal body is no more.  It is also a narcissistic need for perfection, and an effort to undo, or alleviate all the contamination that I have heaped on the world during the journey of my life. In so many ways, it then resembles my individual effort to clean up the earth. Like Dorian Gray, will I be tempted to split, or can I confront the shadow, and assimilate it into my psyche?

I plan to have contemplative and creative fun in maintaining the weblog. The writings flow thru me, but they are not mine. Like all creations, they’re life’s longings, yearning to be expressed – as Gibran would say.  And in this endeavor I seek to invoke the assistance of all cosmic entities that have a stake in making the world a better place. I hope they enable this weblog to develop a life of its own, a mission of its own, a purpose of its own, so that what is written here by them, thru me, leaves the reader, and the world, in a better moment.

6 responses to “Starting a public blog…”

  1. Hi Madhu,

    Could you please send the particulars/date/address of your conference on november?

    Best wishes


    1. Michael,

      Would you be talking about the conference on Psychosis?

      Here is the link:


  2. Hi Ashok,

    I submitted it for publication, and their condition was that it needs to be unpublished piece. I’ll put it back once it is formally published elsewhere.

  3. Hi Madhu,

    You trimmed it ! Where is the co-relation that you had so aptly created between meditation, religion, drugs & — ? Are you planning on a different approach ? Be as it may, keep writing.

    Best Wishes


  4. Best wishes for new blog.

    1. Thanx Vinay. Hope you’re doing well.

      You pointed out the site and the process….

      I am still ambivalent and may decide to pull the plug anytime….

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