Technology: An exquisitely detailed projection of the psyche

“Whatever is inside, is replicated outside in the external reality”

This is a common mantra in psychological circles. Carl Gustav Jung’s extensive work with alchemical processes helped rescue alchemy from the dungeons of mere chemical strivings of a few men who existed in the margins of society. He helped explicate alchemy as a search for the Self and a projection of psychic processes. Alchemy and alchemical processes find extensive usage in Jungian/Analytical Psychology. His relationship with Wolfgang Pauli also enabled him to root his theories extensively in the scientific Laws of Thermodynamics – a marriage of abstract and concrete was waiting to be consummated.

Since then, psychological work has been correlated with works in physics etc,  by pioneers who travel the fine line between physics and psychology, and we now recognize Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle from particle physics and many more laws of physics and biology that apply equally in the realm of psychic processes. Arnold Mindell, Amit Goswami, Victor Lazlo are a few of those pioneers that have helped soften the divide between Psychology and Physics.

Technology is a field that has not been explored for its properties as a projection of the psyche. Perhaps because of the inherent complexity of such a daunting task. So whereas we haveintegrated Depth Psychology with Quantum Physics, Systems Theory etc we still have left out the computers, and the internet, and its correlation to the human psyche.

This is a very ambitious subject, one that has been on my mind for over 3 years. I am not technologically qualified, nor psychologically gifted, nor academically competent to address this correlation in all its complexity. However, from the depths of my unconscious flows this need to find a foothold that someone else more competent than me, can grab and build on. So I intend to write a few paragraphs outlining the enormity of the idea. And the simplicity of it as well. Anything that exists on the outside has to come from information stored within, as information can neither be created nor destroyed. Epistemologically speaking, it can merely transformed from one form, to another.

This topic, amongst many others, is on my ToDo list for the next few months…

Any suggestions, help, advice, pointers, excerpts, journal articles that would help shed light on the topic and expand it further, is welcome…

Please bear with me as this work takes shape….my technological arm in this process – Shri Lohia – is currently in India  and therefore inaccessible for discussions. Shri works primarily in the area of R&D in creating cutting edge internetworking products. A casual conversation with him a few years ago has led me down this path and his contribution to the project is invaluable. 

In addition to attempting to verbalise these intriguing ideas that cannot be mine, really, but are expressed thru me, I am also attempting the content for other pages, along with a day job, and the limitions that my health and life in general imposes. It is a matter of juggling and balancing priorities….and any delay is regretted…in my defence all I have to say is that regardless of your technological or psychological orientation, the ideas that are germinating in this concept are intriguing…and need a proper gestation period…

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  1. Good post. I learn something new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon everyday.

    It’s always useful to read articles from other writers and use something from their websites.

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