The Pied Piper of Ukraine

It is 5:00 AM here in New Zealand and I haven’t slept a wink. the war does that to me. I remembered the Pied Piper legend, and decided to write this blog instead.

Great writers like the Grimm Brothers and Robert Browning have shaped the Pied Piper legend into art that has intrigued children for decades and more. I remember as a child feeling a sense of tragedy and sadness at the end of the story. According to the legend, the Piper was hired by Hamelin to rid the town of its plague of rats. Trailing after the hypnotic notes of the rat-catcher’s magical flute, the rodents politely filed through the city gates to their presumed doom.They weren’t the only ones lured by his music, though. When the town refused to pay the Piper for his service, the saviour turned into a more satanic seducer and came for Hamelin’s children. Entranced by the notes of his flute, the transfixed boys and girls followed the Piper out of town and simply vanished.

The story is being enacted in the modern world, where Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian president is the modern day Pied Piper busy leading the children of Ukraine into the waters of oblivion.

It is a shame that a beautiful and advanced country like Ukraine has been, or is being reduced to a rubble. The toll of human lives, human displacement, the nuclear threat…what a fu*king shame ! And yet – it is only the Ukrainians themselves who carry the blame for situation they find themselves in. Ukrainians may not be responsible for the war, but they are certainly responsible for appointing the foolish mad comedian who inflicted the unnecessary war on them. Their president Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Who is the madman Zelenkyy ? A statesman or a comedian ? Who is he in the heart of his heart? He’s an imposter, a joker, a fu*cking actor who has been holding the world at ransom by his theatrics, greed, tantrums and his lust for power. Zelensky is a manipulator, an opportunistic maglomaniac. He is also a drama queen.

Zelenskyy was a second class comedian – a lesser version of Borat. Or Jim Carrey – take your pick. He acted in cartoon movies. He happened to produce a movie called Servant of The People. The movie was a Ukrainian political satire comedy television series where Zelenskyy, starred as Vasyl Petrovych Holoborodko, a high-school history teacher in his thirties who is unexpectedly elected President of Ukraine after a viral video filmed by one of his students shows him making a profane rant against government corruption in his country. The series is produced by Kvartal 95, which was founded by Zelenskyy. Belarusian TV channel Belarus-1 started broadcasting the show in evening prime time on 11 November 2019. It would become much more involved in Ukraine’s actual politics; on 31 March 2018, a political party named after the television series was registered with the Ministry of Justice, and Zelenskyy was actually elected President of Ukraine on 21 April 2019 with over 70 percent of the second-round votes. The deluded public could not differentiate between the make believe world, and the reality. Despite having absolutely no experience in the politics of running a country, the public immediately elected him as their President.

This is absolutely true. I’m not kidding. They made a dumb and ignorant cartoon character the President of Ukraine. The rest, as they say, is history, and will be written in the annals of Ukranian history as one of the biggest mistake of these Slavs. The public is now sowing what they reaped. Politics, and the safety of a country, is not a joke, and when the public takes it lightly and acts irresponsibly, it loses its right to exist. The future generations of Ukranins will have only one question for the current generation “What the f*ck were you thinking?”

The Wikipaedia states the following about him:

Zelenskyy grew up in Kryvyi Rih, a major city in a mainly Ukrainian-speaking region in central Ukraine.[5][failed verification] Prior to his acting career, he obtained a degree in law from the Kyiv National Economic University. He then pursued comedy and created the production company Kvartal 95, which produces films, cartoons, and TV shows including Servant of the People, in which Zelenskyy played the role of president of Ukraine. The series aired from 2015 to 2019 and was immensely popular. A political party bearing the same name as the television show was created in March 2018 by employees of Kvartal 95.

Zelenskyy announced his candidacy for the 2019 Ukrainian presidential election on the evening of 31 December 2018, alongside the New Year’s Eve address of President Petro Poroshenko on 1+1 TV Channel. A political outsider, he had already become one of the frontrunners in opinion polls for the election. He won the election with 73.2 per cent of the vote in the second round, defeating Poroshenko. Identifying as a populist, he has positioned himself as an anti-establishment figure.

Can the Americans imagine Jim Carrey, or Borad as a President? Maybe Bill Pullman of the Independence Day fame? What would President Pullman, President Carrey, or President Borad be like ? Especially President Boran? Aside from being clueless, he would use his acting skills – melodrama, theatrics – to cling to power that had become his by a mere fluke. his raves and rants are the raves and rants of the movie actor, the proverbial flute music that leads the Ukraine into destruction. Russia simply called his bluff.

How did Zelenskyy manage to do that? US pumped funds into the election thru oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi, who funded his campaign. The Americans believed a Jewish President would be more aligned to the interests of Israel, and therefore the interests of US, and NATO. And so, Zelinskyy a clueless paid shill, acted like he knew what he was doing. He made wonderful speeches – because his speeches were prepared by film writers. But gift of gab notwithstanding, heading a state cannot be learnt from books, or movies, and the condition of Ukraine brings home the responsibility of the electorate to choose a capable leader.

There are parallels between Pakistan, and Ukraine. Both are prostitutes who seek new relationships for their benefit, changing partners irresponsibly. But Imran Khan is much more savvy than Zelinskyy.

Why would NATO alliances need to be expanded? There is no iron curtain anymore, and Russia, and Ukraine are both democracies now. So there was no need for NATO, and it should have been disassembled after the breakup of USSR, and the the demolition of Berlin wall. Obviously, the only interest NATO has, is in Russia. It exists to destroy Russia. Given that goal, is Russia’s actions – to protect itself – so draconian? Putin is not an expansionist – Russia has enough land, and does not need to grab more. It simply wanted to protect itself. I think Russia has acted with great concern. Ukraine – like Pakistan – decked itself up and offered itself to the latest gods of the night like any perverse prostitute. F*ck me ! F*ck my people ! F*ck my country ! Give me money, power, – you can f*ck us all.

The war weary US had just withdrawn from Afghanistan after failing to achieve anything there. They needed to charge their economy. They fixed their sites on Europe, and created a reason, a means they could use to a) weaken Russia b) sell their arms and ammunition c) invigorate their construction industry d) earn thru technology transfer. EU had the same goals. Ukrain is rich in minerals, especially Uranium. Both EU and US wanted to control the minerals, and the Uranium from Ukraine.

Another issue that guided these actions was Covid. News began to emerge on United States role in release of the virus from Wuhan. People began asking why no actions were taken against China. And then there was the Covid vaccines. Information was leaking that these were leading to deaths. People were asking how much the pharmaceutical industry in US had benefitted by unleashing this virus on the world. USA was trying to hush up all this info about Covid and vaccines – there could be domestic outrage. I myself was vaccinated with Pfizer vaccine in November, 2021, and 5 months later, I am still terribly sick. yes sir, news about Covid was going to put US in a hotspot. Biden needed to divert attention by dong something to drown this news in something more potent.

There are around 10 weapon and aircraft producing organizations in the world. Of these, seven are in US. Their stock trading patterns from November to march show that the news about the war had already leaked out in November – which means that the war had been pre planned by US. It is said that the share market is astute, it is prophetic, and it factors in the events that are yet to happen. A few days before 911, the US stock market had tanked, and the trading volume had been absolutely minimal. I used to be a Swing Trader at the time, and I remember a friend of mine had commented that the market was factoring in some major event. He predicted that it was a phenomenal event and no one wanted to leave the money in the market. Upon his advice, I too had withdrawn all trading capital. And sure enough a week later the 911 hit US, and the share market had tumbled.

Today, everyone is buying arms – NATO, as well as non NATO countries, The, stock prices of the arms manufacturing companies had been steadily rising from November 2021, indicating that market was aware of something that the common man was not aware. Between November 2021, and March 2022, the share price for these seven weapons manufacturing companies increased by 25%. And it will keep rising for months to come. In three months, people of America had made wealth that would normally have been unthinkable. And these stocks are still are on the roll. So, US has already made a substantial gains with their war mongering.

Countries have now been demanding and will continue demanding weapons – which means lucrative contracts for these seven companies, and for US. But something different this time, is the nuclear option. Now, the countries are demanding nuclear know how, and weapons. Germany, Japan, Austria, for example, have clearly stated that they need to be equipped with nuclear capabilities. This is not just the weapons business, this is a nuclear weapons business, an unprecedented opportunity that will enable US to rake in several hundred billions over the years in supplying, training and maintaining. So Zelinsky was used as a bait to infuse the economy of US, and create profits from commerce. He was always expendable, as was Ukraine.

Oil. when we talk of profits, or wars, we have to talk oil and gas. The crude oil has jumped from $68 to $114 per barrel. US is the leading producer of crude oil at 14m barrels per month. Russia comes second with 11m barrels per day. Saudi comes a third at 9.5m barrels per day.

In other words, US had the capacity to produce $952m worth crude, and now its value has increased to $1596, which is $644m per day. A profit of 60%. How much did Baiden give away in alms to Zelinksyy? I think it was $500m, a mere one day’s free profits that it received from increase in oil prices due to the war.

Russia has the capacity to produce $748m worth of oil. Suddenly it has increased to $1254m, without any additional investment, a small amount of $506m per day. What is the cost of this war? And can it be more than $506m per day? So, the west is funding Russia’s war. And no one in the world has the courage to impose a ban on its oil production. In fact, the SWIFT ban on Russia excludes the energy related transactions. Hahaha, is all I can say to this.

Saudi had capacities to produce $646m, which is now worth $1083m per day – a profit of additional $437 on its oil reserves.

US and Saudi, and all oil producing countries are raking in petrodollars. The war is funded by petrodollars created by the war.

All the issues brewing at homeland demanded an international calamity that would re-establish US hegemony over the world. For example, India challenged US by purchasing US Air Defence Systems from Russia, and military aircrafts from France. This was a big dent in US commerce. So if the French (NATO) industry could be crippled, and Russia prevented from prospering, US’s lead in weapon and aircraft sale could be assured. The only problem – they could not dampen Russia’s economy unless a war was created by threatening Putin’s interests. Putin was predictably going to respond to such a threat and sanctions could then be used to dampen Russia.

Another issue that the Americans faced is the army that had been withdraw from Afghanistan. The army needed to be deployed somewhere asap.

When a soldier is sent to the warring front, there is an irreversible change that the soldier experiences. I have earlier written a blog titled The Culture of War & Aggression about how these war veterans are damaged pieces of American society. They create havoc in the lives of the people of America, grind their health services, and generally are considered a nuisance in the social and political environment. The Americans find it difficult to take care of these war veterans, and the way that it deals with these veterans is to ship them out somewhere where they are fed, clothed, and focussed on winning the war. The war becomes the soldiers, and the soldiers become warring, and they find it difficult to get absorbed in normal society. Best as homeless hobos – once deployed, these veterans can not be allowed to return home permanently. So the American government is constantly on a lookout for wars, and when such wars do not exist, they are created. The aim is to ship off these damaged pieces of humanity to where they can survive better and do not weigh the US systems down.

Enter the buffoon Zelinskyy. They used the dumb slob as a bait for Russia, and Zelinskyy, the international concumbine, agreed to sleep with them. If he had an iota of brain, he would have remembered what happened with Afghanistan, or during the Gulf War, or with the Libyans, or with Syrians. All of them had invited US to fight for them. And look what happened to their countries. As the US stock market will show, US never intended to help Ukraine. The market had factored that in.

The American people remember Vietnam very well.

Iraq was a very wealthy country, with a great infrastruture in late eighties. Saddam Hussain was a friend of US President. Iraq was an ally of US. Over the years, US had attempted to lure Saddam into invading Kuwait. On this occasion, Saddam Hussain clearly asked the US if they would allow him to invade Kuwait. US affirmed that they would just look away. based on this understanding, Saddam invaded Kuwait. Well, US has been lying, just the way it had been lying to Zelinskyy. US needed an excuse to get into the Gulf States – to sell their weapons to Saudi Arabia, UAE, and other countries. they needed to take control of Iraq and Kuwait and plunder their oil reserves.Like Zelinskyy, they wrongly trusted US. US actually looted Iraq, took all its oil and wealth as a repayment for the war, installed a puppet regime, and further sanctioned Iraq. They bled Kuwait for decades to come, and made Kuwait pay for all the re-construction. They positioned their troops in Saudi Arabia, telling the Saudi Princes that their Country was under threat of war. They sold an arsenal of US made weapons, aircrafts, and other Military equipment to each of these countries. What was more, they were selling the equipment that was defunct. The equipment that they no longer needed. the Patriot missiles, used during the Gulf war, had a very high rate of failure. the helicopters used during the Gulf War had a high crash rate. So they needed to get rid of this stock And they sold this defunct, and faulty stock to the Middle East Countries. I lived in UAE at the time, I was working a the Head of Information Services at the Sharjah Airport, and I happened to attend the Military Show organized by the US Military, at the Dubai Airport. Honestly, they were selling junk to these countries, at unscrupulously exorbitant prices. All those poor dumb bastards – Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi etc – had believed the shit that US Government told them. They built themselves palatial homes in Kuwait and Iraq, using Kuwait and Iraq money, and the US personnel lived like lords, while 99% of the Kuwaitis and Iraqis lived below poverty lines. I remember seeing photographs, and the contrast, and feeling horrified. When George Bush Senior had had his full, he left the place festering. Look at Iraq now. Kuwait recovered some, but it was never the same again.

Many years later, US was in a recession, and George Bush Junior needed an excuse to boost the US economy. He created a baseless fear of the WMD. It was all contrived, Iraq had been under heavy sanctions, and did not have any WMD. Using the delusions of WMD, and lying to the whole world, US invaded Iraq again, looted the country, took away all its oil, and installed a puppet regime. I had moved to live in US by then, and vividly remember seeing photographs of Kuwaitis, and Iraqis cheering the US Army. The Army was going to help them. They were going to restore their dignity, and freedom. Hah !!! They had the same silly confidence and smiles on their faces as Zelinskyy had a few weeks ago. US deployed their army in several countries, including but not limited to Saudi Arabia. Each of this countries, including Saudi paid for everything – their army, the weapons, the equipment – everything – and when Iraq fell again, US looted Iraq all over again, took all its oil, and left the country absolutely devastated. Look at Iraq now.

Libya had the largest stash of gold reserves, and was on the verge of floating its own gold based currency that would have replaced the US$ as a trading currency, making the US$ defunct. So US had to find a way to invade Libya, and destroy its gold reserves. And it did. Look at Libya now.

Afghanistan was once a wonderful, modern, progressive country. Look at it now.

Syria. the same story…….

The story was repeated perfectly in current situation. Russian economy was booming. Putin was a very strong leader, a national hero. He had brought the country out of poverty and helplessness from the way Gorbechev had left it thirty years ago. Russia has amassed trillions of US$ in reserves and was on a rise. In contrast, US was struggling, and was on a decline. Everyone said that its days of superpower were in the past. US needed a new infusion of economy, it needed to shore up its economy by any means whatsoever, and it needed to obstruct Russia and China at all costs. Their weapon industry had flunked after Afghanistan. But they knew that they would never have been able to impose such sanctions on Russia under normal circumstances. Therefore, they needed to create a situation where sanctions against Russia would be acceptable to the world. And they used Ukraine as a bait. Ukrainians were f*cked. They were had, and they STILL havent figured that out. I wonder if Russia was able to figure out this strategy. Perhaps Putin also played into their hands. or at least, Putin had no other option, and was compelled to declare war over Ukraine.

If only the Ukraninan public had appointed someone more seasoned, more experienced, more mature for their Prresident, he may have seen thru the scheme, he may have remembered American history, taken lessons from it, and Ukraine would continue to exist.

The Americans instigated Zelinskyy, paid him off, played on his lack of experience, his stupidity, his false bravado, and lead a Jew into the war, knowing that he was unqualified, and incapable of fighting on his own, and therefore would be a US puppet. The buffoon could help them destroy Ukraine. And they were right – and they quietly watched as Zelenskyy burnt up his own country and destroyed his own people.

By the time Zelensky realised that he – and the Ukrainians – had been tricked into the war, it was too late. He had known it when he complained that Ukraine had been left alone. Perhaps all countries together came up with this plan, and Ukraine towed the line in return for the promise of aid. The real motives, and the real plans were hushed up.

Today, the world is asking the obvious question – why wont he wouldn’t surrender, to protect his people and his country from further harm. His actions don’t make sense. The answer to this question lies in Zelinsky’s psychological makeup. He is not a politician. He is not a Slav. He is not a Caucasian. He is a megalomaniac Jew. He feels no loyalty for Ukraine, or Ukranians. He had decided to be a president for an easy, cushy life, funded by the Americans. And so, when the tough time came, he expected that US would bail him out. The cunning of Zelinsky realised that he had been fooled into fighting, and that he is a marked man. Russia would never allow to let him live, even if he escaped to the West. So he decided to get back at everyone – Russia, EU and US – by ensuring that the Ukraine, would never be anything beneficial for anything these countries. If they double crossed him, and left him to die, or be killed, he would make sure that they would not benefit from Ukraine and Ukrainians.

So he deliberately, like the Pied Piper, decided to inflict the maximum harm on the children on Ukraine, and the children of the world. In a pre planned scheme, he quickly ate up his own sh%t, and wilfully began to work to destroy the world around him. If he was going to die, he would make sure that he died with maximum damage on everyone who had betrayed him. And he did this by wilfully leading the children of Ukraine into the waters of oblivion,and plunge the world into chaos. The maglomaniac was not going to allow US & NATO to double cross him. He wasnt going to allow Russia to win until he was alive – notwishstanding the costs of such actions. He was a man who had nothing to lose.

His idea was that by the time NATO and US “received” Ukraine, it would be more of a liability. He is a jew, with no loyalty towards the Slavs, or Caucasians. Ukraine has a sizeable percentage of Russian population, which is why probably Putin is warring with one hands tied to his back. So he decided that Russia would not have access to these Russians. Zelinskyy has no qualms destroying these races. It is his retaliation to the Western betrayal and Russian war. He wasnt going to die alone.

And with these aims in mind, he has systematically began a process of destroying Ukrain, and Ukranian, while clinging to the Western propaganda, a drama of crying for help in parallel to evict sympathy.

Russia gave Ukraine over 10 years to understand its legitimate concerns. Russia gave Ukraine several months to reach an agreement while he played the war games with Belarus. Zelenskyy continued to rant and rave as if it was his movie set and not a stalemate in an international arena. NATO and US cheered him on…..from across the oceans, refusing to come to his aid when the chips fell. It was then that Zelinskyy realised that this was reality, not a make believe world of his movies, and he had no way out. So he took a leaf from his acting background, and his movie, and continued to rave and rant.

Even after he realised that he and his country had been tricked into the was, instead of coming to the table with an agreement, he has been trying to make himself famous, without a single thought about his people or the country. The maglomaniac is stuck on the narrative “I am right,”. He got stuck on the battle while US, NATO won the war.

The manipulative comedian changed the narrative to salvage his image and to conceal his offenses. He playacted the bravado that only an idiot could show in such circumstances. He began inciting his people into a false sense of bravado only to shift the spotlight off of him, to conceal his mistake – his foolish “trust” in US and EU that had caused Ukraine to be plunged into a war. He now has the likes of Ms Ukraine (see here) and criminal offenders dressed as soldiers (see here), or the Babushka Battalion of over 70 year old women. The Ms Ukraine posts selfies on the social media and is pushing her career to new heights, the old women make it to the cover page of Women’s Life, and the thugs released from prisons rape and plunder in the guise of war. I’m sure Russians are justifiably terrified of Ms Ukraine in sexy war outfits taking selfies, or the 70 yr old women with arthritis and heart problems trying to outrun the Russian soldiers, and the rogue elements that belong in the prison. What a joke ! And how thoughtless to use them, especially the Babushka Brigade, instead of ensuring their safety.

The gullible people of Ukraine were again fooled into believing him, and punished as a consequence. He raved and ranted that Russia was evil, Russia was killing the Ukrainian civilians, Russia was the invader, Russia was guilty of war crimes. He pretended to cry. He pretended, pretended, pretended. All hogwash. The NATO and US said all the right things, put their hands together in a clap, and continued to incite him. Thru such playacting, each party – Zelinskyy, NATO and US – managed to take the spotlight off of themselves and their foolhardy actions, and they turned the spotlight on each other, and on Russia. Zelinsky made the EU and NATO allies look horrible, and they pretended to feel guilty and offered aids, arms, blah blah. Everyone knows that these will not arrive for teh next four months at least by which time Ukarine would be wiped off.

What a performance! What a f*cking performance that manipulated the world. The power obsessed, and retaliatory Zelenskyy refused to resign despite the fact that resignation would have saved his country, and people. It would have saved the world from a possible nuclear disaster. Instead he insisted on remaining in power, and refused to talk sense. Much like the pied piper of Hamlin, he lead his public into death and destruction.

Russia is simply defending its territories. Unlike Zelinskyy, President Putin is an intelligent, astute – admirable – statesman. He is a black belt, a horse-rider, an accomplished scuba diver, and so much more. He is an icon, a hero. He is a brave, honest, mostly ethical, and astute warrior. Most important – he evolved in KGB and understands world politics. He is aware of the tricks that US has up its sleeve. Russia is safe with Putin. One can never imagine Russia ravaged like Ukraine. Putin is a class apart from the buffoon.

Russia is a democratic country, and US antagonism with Russia is clearly an act of racism. There should be no reason to vilify Russia, and treat it like a leper in the world economy. There is no reason to prevent it from prospering. And yet, it is always isolated. Punished. The Americans and the British are the same stock who enslaved the African Americans, and for all talks of equality, they remain racist states. Film clips of journalists pushing and shoving Africans off the trains in Ukraine, journalists whining about “blue eyed, white skinned Ukrainian refugees” – forgetting the destruction in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syrian, and Vietnamese. Russia is a victim of such racism. And envy.

There is a talk that Russia wants to kill civilians, it is committing war crimes, it is used cluster bombs, it wants to annex Ukraine. If Russia wanted to kill the civilians, if it wanted to commit war crimes, it could, and would have done so thru a blitzkrieg, and no one would have been able to stop it from doing so. The war would have been over in a day or two. Instead, the Ukrainians are still alive, only 300 or so people have died in collateral damages. The western powers are baffled why Putin has taken so long, why he is fighting with an arm tied behind his back. I believe that limiting civilian deaths may have been a condition put forth by the group of Ukrainians who will come into power after Zelinkskyy. Or, perhaps he does not wish to alienate the people of Ukraine when they eventually decide to dump Zelinskyy, and so Russia is treating the civilian population with kid gloves. On the contrary, it is Zelinskyy who has locked up all the males in the country and is not allowing them to escape fro Ukraine. The borders are closed for men, and he is forcing them to fight. His lies about the casualty suffered by Russians is ridiculous and makes him look stupid. It is not conceivable that Russia would have lost 9000 soldiers.

Zelenskyy is a coward who pretends to be brave. While he hides in his safe bunkers with his wife and children, the Ukrainian’s are being asked to put their wives and children at risk. He uses the Ukrainians as human shields – which is what the Islamic terrorists did in Afghanistan, Syria, and Kashmir – and that is a war crime. If a civilian armed with a gun approaches a soldier – he will be and should be treated like a soldier, and shot. See a wonderful piece written in OpIndia on this subject here. And yet, Zelinskyy thinks this is some kind of a movie, and he is the superhero, and how dare someone outshine him. He rants and raves like a madman when Putin manages to outshine him. He is a deluded madman, a cunning, manipulative drama queen. By shedding crocodile tears he has managed to paint Russia as evil, worthy of sanctions. So much so that even FIFA banned Russia, and a famous designer said she wouldn’t sell her designer clothes to Russians. Paramount wouldn’t release their movies in Russia. I am sure Putin was justifiably terrified. The melodrama got Zelinsky the alms from EU and US, and the cache of weapons that is yet to arrive and which may never arrive. His melodrama also got him the EU membership today but by the time he is a member, Ukraine may no longer exist. He reminded me of Imran Khan, the Pakistani President known for his beggary and begging.

Despite stating that his was a fight for freedom, Zelinskyy is intentionally destroying Ukraine and Ukrainians. he has nothing to lose as he knows he is going to die. At the very least he has put a begging bowl in the hands of every Ukrainian man woman and child. The country is ravaged. People’s fortunes, their savings have been wiped out. And EU and US have pledged hundreds of millions in alms. In accepting that aid, is Ukraine going to be really free? If you want to see what happens to a country that lives off of American alms, look at Pakistan. Alms do not come free. They come with conditions. Ukraine will now forever be enslaved by those that pay for their food, lodging, rebuilding and weapons. Remaining out of NATO was a very small price to pay for self respect.

EU should never admit him into their fold. He bravely claims that he is anti establishment. Does EU think that he will tow their line for long? Ultimately his true character will emerge, an opportunistic, sadistic man, who does not have the ability to asses any situation, and could plunge the EU into chaos sometime in the future. Does NATO think they can live with such a madman in their midst? And how would Zelinskyy contribute to the EU – except as a threat to NATO. Perhaps that is all he means to the West.

Self respecting countries make alliances with other self respecting countries. They appoint qualified, mature leaders. They are self sufficient and stand up for themselves. They do not pick dead end fights that they know that they cannot manage. They don’t create enemies that they cannot handle. They do not chew more than they can swallow, they learn to be respectful of other peoples’ rights, they do not bully countries that may squish them like flies, and they certainly do not act like ostriches – hiding their face in the sand, hoping someone will come and fight their battles for them. They put their country and people ahead of everything. Mature countries, and their statesmen exude confidence. They do not seek alms. They do not impose on others, nor beg others to do the impossible for them. The mere fact that Zelenskyy would ask NATO to fight his war for him shows how stupid, and ignorant he is and how little he cares about the welfare of NATO members, how little he cares about the world. Self respecting people, people with integrity do not put their own people, other people, and other countries in danger. Look at India.

All this points to a maglomaniac who is intentionally destroying the world, and needs to be eliminated. At the very least, he is an obstinate and spoilt brat who needs to be slapped silly, or grounded, and the people of Ukraine need to slap him silly, or ground him- Instead, they follow the Pied Piper into oblivion. And the world follows him into oblivion. Does Zelinskyy really think that Russia could be bullied into withdrawing ? President Putin has clearly said that there was no point in having a world that did not have Russia. This clearly indicates that if pushed to a corner, Putin would not hesitate to use the nuclear option. It is just as well that Russia has no intention of annexing Ukraine, nor is it interested in attacking NATO – else it would be curtains for all of us. Zelinskyy is hugely expendable. And he knows it.

Three decades of trying to make the world a safe place. Three decades of efforts to make world as one. Three decades of creating trust and partnerships. All blown up by one madman called Zelenskyy. As if the three decades did not happen. Now, a world divided in half – Russia, Islamic States, BRICs States, China on one side, and EU, US on the other side. The iron curtain is back. The only country that really benefits from the war is the United States – there will now be a race to buy weapons, as we all know. But this time, there will be a race to buy nuclear weapons. US will be raking in money ! All because of one mad comedian. And so, it is time the Ukrainians began looking inwards at how their own foolishness has lead them to where they are. And how they continue being foolish. As for Zelinskyy, it would be best for the world, and for him too if he crawled back into the ditch he came from. Or perhaps the kind Russians will put him out of our misery.

EDIT: EU rejects Zelinsky’s membership (see here) – at least in the immediacy. Even if Ukraine is accepted, the process isn’t a short one. Croatia was the last country to join the bloc and its application process lasted 10 years before it was formally accepted in 2013. For Ukraine, once the ambassadors make their request for an initial assessment, it will be up to the commission to determine if the country is ready to start the accession process. After that, the commission will present its view to EU member states, who have to make the final decision on moving forward. He expects EU to piack up his shit and make Ukraine whole again – so he’d continue with his irresponsible rule. But even if that was possible, by that time, there would be no Ukraine. The sucker has nowhere to go now. Yep, the Russians must put him out of his, and our, misery. Zelinskyy is a dangerous man.

2 responses to “The Pied Piper of Ukraine”

  1. Hello from the UK

    Very good. I would mention one thing myself. I note Zelinskyy is Jewish. I also consider the Ukraine a distraction from the other things going on in the world like vaccine harm and deaths and other evils.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

    Please excuse the nom-de-plume, this is as much for fun as a riddle for people to solve if they wish.

    1. Madhu Sameer, from Madhuban Avatar
      Madhu Sameer, from Madhuban

      Thank you for your information. I really hadnt thought about it. His behavior of plunging the EU and US into war, that now makes sense. He is carrying out a script.

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