Karmic Justice

For some reason, this blog, the blog about Karmic Justice, published quite some time ago, has been making news in the blog statistics. It has been meaningful to me during this interval, a beacon of light that I myself read often. It is something that allows me to stay the course of ethics, and morality, in my struggles, and it provides hope for me. Hope that is not always associated with external victory, but a hope that allows me to look at myself in the mirror every morning, with pride, and self respect. It offers the kind of hope that allows me to continue being a role model to those that depend on me for inspiration, especially when their world is dim.

The path of ethics and morality is always strewn with thorns, but that *is* the test of time, and endurance, and justice. And the rewards may be external as they usually are, but that is not why we fight injustices, and unethical behaviors. We fight against injustice and unethical behaviors because the internal rewards, the rewards  from the Self, the center of our existence and our personality, are worth it. When our work is aligned with that of nature, we’re automatically rewarded, intrinsically. You can imagine the self satisfaction that Gandhi got out of his work, or Martin Luther King, or Mother Teresa for that matter. The external rewards are secondary to such sense of Self.

I offer the writings of an earlier blog, complete with typos, grammatical errors and all. I wrote that blog from the heart, not from the mind. And the heart is irrational, it follows  the unconscious, which has its own set of rules, and doesn’t obey the rules of consciousness, of language, of reason and logic. It speaks the language of emotion, which can only be felt, not understood. A lot of people tell me – why don’t you spellcheck a bit more, or edit your blogs more carefully for grammatical mistakes. To all of them I say, I write from the heart.  And the errors, spelling mistakes, grammital gaffe’s that I make in the process, they mean something, they are expressing something from the depth of my unconscious. I like to ponder on those slips. Everything has meaning. And it shows :)) So as I was saying, I offer this blog to all of you, again, as an inspiration for self reflection, and contemplation.

And sometimes we may lose in this battle between right and wrong, between the good and evil,  but honestly, such losses are only temporary. It has been my experience that the universe eventually hits back, and gets its way in moving the world forward with a positive entropy. Look at the world today. Think of the dark ages, the mideaval years! If the universe wasn’t healing, if it did not always support the right against the wrong, then we would not be where we are….slavery would not have been abolished, women would still be raped. This is not to say everything has been eliminated, we still have slaves, women are still oppressed and raped, but evolution is never spontaneous. It takes its own course, it occurs at its own pace. But the path of morality ultimately always wins. I have seen so many of these instances in my life, that I personally go on my autopilot, and wait for justice to emerge. Sometimes it takes time, and it may not be in the form I expected it to be, but ultimately there is  justice…,….every cause creates an effect, every Karma gets its Phalaa….that is the law of nature, there is no getting away from it…

I promise to return soon with something that my psyche orders written….its been embroiled in struggles, and I do write a *lot* these days, just not the kind that belongs here…

Till I find my way back to this blog, all my best to you…

And the blog that started this reflection going : Karmic Justice.

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  2. Oh Madhu, you say things like you can read my mind. I too post things that I know may have typos or grammatical mistakes because they come from my heart, not my mind. Come to find out those posts are the ones that seem to get the most comments. Yes, sometimes the comments are things like “you might want to use spellcheck” or “did you proofread this?” but most of the comments are ones of thanks for allowing myself to be open and vulnerable. It turns out that people honor it when you choose to be open, vulnerable and in essence naked in front of others flaws and all. I just wanted to say that I value it when people are open and honest and in turn it makes me want to be honest with you. I have an off topic question for you… Do you use energy work as a part of your therapy process? If you do what type do you use and how does it work for you? I am asking these questions because I am seeking every possible way to help myself heal and you seem to be the perfect person to ask. Feel free to tell me to go take a long walk off a short pier if it is something you wish to not talk about. I just thought “hey, what’s the harm in asking”. Peace be with you my friend. =)
    Much love and abundant blessings,

    1. Hi Kimberly,

      Once again thank you for all the kind words.

      To answer your question, I am hard cord psychoanalytic/Jungian, and prefer not to combine the orientations, not because I don’t believe in them, but because the analytic stance takes up all the containing space during the session. Its what I have been trained in. I prefer the clients seek professional help in energy work, if thats what they want, for even though I have a read a few books, I don’t consider myself qualified to handle that.


      1. I hear what you are saying. I just thought I would ask. Keep up the amazing work that is you!
        Blessings and namaste,

  3. […] Karmic Justice (madhusameer.wordpress.com) […]

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